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Financial empowerment

"An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends"

Benjamin Franklin


Learn how it is possible to utilize your individual economic capacity much more than you have ever considered.


Understanding how these areas of finance can come together results in lower net insurance costs, tax efficiency, lower investment volatility, greater liquidity and more effective saving and investing.


Life happens. Risk awareness makes for smart planning, peace of mind, greater productivity and less cost. 

Let us meet your personal and/or corporate insurance needs.

What if we could help you capture these costs and turn them into accessible liquidity, college funds, income or retirement proceeds?


Proper Wealth Management goes beyond rates of return. True diversification with non-correlated asset classes makes for the best portfolio for any market environment - and real life situations. Often, personal liquidity needs may not match the market environment. We can help with that. 

We share access to investment strategies and opportunities often only reserved for the wealthy. Let's discuss how we can help you with your returns, as well as your peace of mind.


"We have known and worked with Eric for years. We have found Eric to be one of the most kind and honest people we deal with. Eric always delivers sound advice, whether it be financial management or from an insurance perspective. He is a top notch professional, a joy to work with and best of all, he delivers quality and value. Eric will not only save you money on Insurance, he will also educate you on the best possible paths for yourself, your family or your company. I highly recommend Eric and for both our corporate and personal requirements, there is nowhere else we will turn."

D.Sturgill, CEO, client

—  Name, Title

Insurance & Segregated Funds are provided by all major Canadian carriers and the are empowered by the leading Managing General Agency Hub Financial Inc.

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