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Property Tax Deferment Program

What if there was a way to defer your property taxes?

What if the cost to do so (once one qualifies for the low interest loan) was so low that it made sense to consider a way to use those very funds for either:

i) an investment program with greater returns (creating a better use of capital); or

ii) an estate enhancement utilizing optimized permanent life insurance coverage. 


Both outcomes often result in a generous surplus above and beyond the outstanding deferred tax and it's reasonable interest costs. 

The surplus is utilized for charities, children, healthcare costs, taxes and estate needs.

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A few summary points to consider are:

          - you or your spouse must be 55 or older

          - if you qualify, the regular program interest rate is a simple 1.95%

          - careful implementation of the program should be well in advance of the time the benefits of the extra cash flow, investment returns or estate enhancement is needed

We look forward to assisting you in exploring the benefits that are possible with this program.

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