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This solution is possibly more powerful than the IRP (Insured Retirement Plan).


As a result of a portion of capital re-direction within the corporation, corporate taxes are saved immediately, and an increase of cash flow for retirement and estate follows.  The Income Tax Act of Canada permits the cash value of an exempt life insurance policy to accumulate on a tax-deferred basis. (Section 148, section 12.2) 

An added benefit of corporately held policies is that they help fully utilize the tax preferred corporate capital dividend account (CDA) feature through which corporate insurance capital can flow towards the family easily and tax efficient.

Our value proposition is to protect your corporate earnings, and create efficient access and transfer of your corporate wealth. 

These policies have track records of 100 plus years and often outperform the S&P 500 Index, grow tax-exempt and thereby have a dramatically positive effect on long-term growth  of the corporate investment portfolio, and ultimately on the capital available for estate and retirement purposes.

In addition, capital can be still accessed for corporate and other needs along the way, making it an incredibly versatile financial tool. Naturally your accounting professional will be involved in determining the best scenario for you and your business.


Please click on this 3:39 minute video for greater clarity on how an exempt investment grade permanent life (IGLI) insurance policy is often used as a Corporate Preferred Retirement asset - that can be used along the way (liquidity and access) for corporate or personal reasons.

Please click on this 3:03 minute video for greater clarity on how an exempt investment grade permanent life (IGLI) insurance policy is often used as an Estate Maximization tool for corporate or personal reasons, while paying the least amount of tax possible.

Amounts can be large or small ... here is an example of a business owner with a profitable business utilizing this strategy with Equitable Life of Canada:


Let us help you diversify your corporate assets and maximize tax efficiencies for your business and eventually your family as well.

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