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No Medical Insurance

Both young and older people utilize No-Medical policies if they do not wish to undergo tradional underwriting.

Sometimes reasons include preferences of no extra medical scrutiny, sometimes it is lifestyle or certain financial questions that may not be appreciated, and sometimes health matters suggest that a no-medical option is actually less expensive than a standard applied-for policy with imbedded ratings (surcharges) - should health be less than optimal.

In most cases coverage can be immediate, yet sometimes a deferred policy is the only option. Depending on the details, deferrals can be one or two years before the full coverage amount can be claimed (Life insurance) - yet in all cases for life insurance, a return of premium would be the worst case scenario.


Available coverage can be for:

Life Coverage for Term or Permanent Whole Life (Maximum of $750,000)

Critical Illness Insurance (Maximum of $100,000 lump sum)

Disability Insurance (Maximum of $2,500 per month for 2 years - similar to an employee disability plan)

We are able to obtain prices from 5 different quality companies that offer one or more of these above services & products. All have stellar reputations and great customer service.

Applications would be completed in-person, or, most commonly, via a telephone call, and email signature/confirmation. Often the application is completed within 20 minutes.

Below are a couple of videos by Canada Protection Plan - one of our preferred providers with usually one of the best price points. However, we always make sure you always get the best price quotes!

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