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It is possible to defer tax for generations.

Many maximize their wealth to multiple generations.

Permanent life insurance may be more effective and efficient than other options.

Here's how: You can purchase a life insurance policy on the life of a child of yours.

You'll name that child (or another child) as the contingent owner of the policy so that when you die, that child (contingent owner) becomes the new owner. You'll name your grandchildren as beneficiaries.

There's no tax to pay on the transfer of the policy from you to an adult child if a child's life is insured.

When the policy transfers, all of the accumulated investments inside the policy also pass tax-free to the new owner – your child.

There's the deferral: Any gain on those assets would have been taxed at the time of your death if you had left them directly to your child. 








We look forward to assisting you in exploring the estate and taxation benefits that exist

with this kind of planning.

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