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Here, our value proposition is to protect your corporate earnings, and create efficient transfer of your corporate wealth. The design of this solution is to increase the after tax value of the corporation for the heirs.

Additionally, as a result of the redirection of a portion of capital within the corporation, corporate taxes are saved immediately, and an increase of the estate value follows.  The Income Tax Act of Canada permits the cash value of an exempt life insurance policy to accumulate on a tax-deferred basis. (Section 148, section 12.2) 

Added benefits for corporate policies is they help fully utilize the tax preferred corporate capital dividend account (CDA)  feature through which corporate insurance capital can flow towards the family easily and tax efficient.

The common corporate investment options (which we also offer) are:

          i)   Interest bearing vehicles

               (safe & secure - yet low yields, annual taxation)

          ii)  Equity 

               (higher yields with capital growth and 50% capital gain - yet riskier, and taxed as received)

          iii) Real Estate - Private Opportunities and Public REITs

               (higher yields, capital growth, possible expenses - yet riskier, not very liquid, maintenance)

yet, the Corporate Asset Transfer Plan has these advantages - safe & secure, significant tax free benefit on death, income is exempt from annual taxation. Liquidity is designed to be increased or decreased based depending on the exact purpose of the plan.

This corporate structure creates a superior corporate legacy with a tax-free payout to shareholders. It reduces the impact of the double tax trap.


It pays to have a plan (example below):

  Let us help you diversify your corporate assets and maximize tax efficiencies for your business and eventually your family as well.


CATP pic.png


no planning








In this example, the benefits of Planning $472,306
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