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Many Canadians manage their day-to-day finances through two key activities:

     - Depositing Income and other short-term assets into chequing and savings accounts

     - Borrowing when needed, through mortgages, lines of credit, personal loans and credit cards

"This approach sounds simple enough, but simplicity does not always mean efficiency."

In fact, this strategy often results in low or no interest on the money deposited, and high interest costs on the money borrowed. 

Yet, a more positive outcome is achievable when resources (*your spent income is also a resource if funneled efficiently!) are freed up to accomplish financial goals and objectives. 

Improved financial health is a result of increased awareness of one's cash flow - coupled with an understanding of the chosen mechanisms for assets and debts. Often, the structure of debt is even more important than the interest rate.

What if there was a way to utilize your economic spending power more fully?

What if we could show you how to reduce debts faster, keep more money at the end of every month and pay less interest on any monies borrowed for the short term and the long term?

Many of our clients work with our CashFlow & Debt Management Specialist.

Kelly helps our clients pay off their home mortgage and/or other debts quicker with simple interest.

Please see these two 2 minute videos below on how to optimize your mortgage, and we look forward to referring you to her for a detailed analysis to see if it would make sense for you.

And, should you be approaching retirement, there is a way to access you equity without big fees in a tax-free manner. Kelly would be also able to shed light on those options for you.






 Our tools can easily show you the benefits quickly and clearly.

We look forward to sharing this fabulous information with you.


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