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"When it comes to retirement ... we all want to dream big!"

Perhaps you have maximized your RRSP and TFSA contributions, perhaps you need diversification from poor performing investments. 

The Insured Retirement Plan is a preferred solution that saves money on taxes by re-directing taxable assets (Income & Capital gains) to a tax-advantaged investment grade permanent insurance policy.

These policies have track records of 100 plus years and often outperform the S&P 500 Index, grow tax-exempt and thereby have a dramatically positive effect on long-term growth  of the investment portfolio, and ultimately on the capital available for estate and retirement purposes.

Since it is also based on an insurance policy, the added estate / insurance / risk management aspect makes your money - your family's money. Your coverage by-passes estate costs, taxation and probate efficiently into the hands of those that are meant to receive it in a matter of days. This simple process is also creditor protected and completely private.

If structured correctly, a large portion of contributions can be accessed along the way, making it an incredibly versatile financial tool.

Amounts can be large or small ... here is an example of a couple that has utilized this plan with Equitable Life of Canada:

       Tired of hoping the markets perform enough for your retirement needs?

      Let us help you diversify into proven and guaranteed retirement assets.

       Many of our clients enjoy the added peace of mind these solutions bring.

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