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Wealth Management goes beyond finding diversified mutual funds or having all your assets with a portfolio manager;  it's an approach that should accommodate your goals with ALL available investment elements / asset classes and possible coordination with other financial experts or firms.

Regardless of your net worth, many investors eventually learn that they were not exposed to ALL forms of capital appreciation. Our options are eligible for RRSP's, TFSA's, RRIF's, RESP's and RDSP's, yet we go far beyond those common avenues. 

Our approach builds on the first needs of protection and ensuring that the basic needs and income guarantees would be in place. Alongside this, we work on helping you know what your retirement income will be, without the reliance of a bull market at the exact time you wish to retire. Often missed are tax advantaged retirement income plans that are personal or corporate in nature.

                                        And as you know, "It's not what you make, it's what you keep."


We help you realize predictable and absolute returns as a baseline, which could then be enhanced (depending on your investment profile) to possibly fund new investments simultaneously - truly making your money work double time. 

Interesting:     47% of Canadians do not know how much they need to save for retirement

                         39% do not have their financial future under control

                         29% are overwhelmed with options and will wait to figure it out


Is waiting a solution?


Your financial situation and planning needs are unique to you. That's why our suite of investment options are designed to give you choices when it comes to meeting your individual investment and retirement goals.

Investment options available through us are (additional details and videos are below):

Guaranteed Investments Funds

Segregated & Life-time Income

  • Maturity and death benefit guarantees
  • Some lock in monthly gains

  • Lifetime Income options - never run out of money

  • Estate planning benefits and potential creditor protection

  • Annuities

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Direct & Robo Investing

Via Technology

  • Professionally managed and monitored portfolios with automatic rebalancing 

  • Fees up to 60% less than traditional mutual funds

  • Online access and convenient app so you can check your portfolio 24/7

Referral - Non-Corrolated

Alternative Investments

  • Discretionary money management for executives and multi-generational family enterprises

  • Access to preferred investments and alternative asset classes | Real Estate

  • Exceptional diversification

Guaranteed Investment Funds | Segregated Funds  | Life-time Income options 

We offer true diversification via Guaranteed Investment Funds (can be based on active management or ETFs or both), Guaranteed Income Funds, Preferred Retirement Solutions with immediate liquidity and estate benefits. For many this peace of mind is the first wealth management allocation.

Here are some examples for up & down markets:

Our clients, like most Canadians, are concerned about today's low interest rates, investment risk, and market volatility in relation to their retirement objectives.

You want investment growth but not at the expense of capital preservation. 

To address these concerns, BMO Insurance created a unique investment opportunity that can be customized by you. This popular vehicle allows for growth with peace of mind.

When our clients invest in Empire's Class Plus 3.0, they are guaranteed to receive a predictable monthly income that is guaranteed for as long as they live.

This lifelong income can increase also with market performance.

Alongside, there is also full liquidity and growth potential.

6 of 10 retirees want guaranteed income for life.

Shifting demographics and the economic realities of today mean more Canadians than ever before are looking for a secure source of income.

Regardless of market performance, retirees can experience the peace of mind that guaranteed income can provide, income that will not run out, with the option of always having access to your funds.

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Guaranteed Income in Dn Market.png
Preferred Retirement Solution.png

Direct Investing - Technology 

We also offer national presence portfolio management through Direct Investing / HUB. Normally the minimum account size is $500,000 CDN; yet now, we can offer their services through Direct Investing and account sizes can begin with monthly deposits only, with the same low fees large investors enjoy. Options include, but are not limited to ...

  • Custom or standardized Portfolios - via low cost ETFs for other classes

This management allows you to control your investment profile online, view all investments 24/7, make changes etc. We assist you in ensuring all is allocated based on your risk aptitude and goals.


The robo-investing aspect describes your interface only - the investments are managed as part of a portfolio with real eyes on it at all times. Yet the technology allows for some great efficiencies and lower costs. 

Alternative Investments

Referred to our trusted associate and private market specialist Johanna Armstrong

We help HNWI, business owners, aware investors and medical professionals manage their wealth through tax efficient investments that are designed to provide a balance of security, cash-flow and upside potential. For better portfolio diversification, our clients include more asset backed, growth, income and tax efficient investments.

Here the focus is a 3 point strategy to an existing portfolio:

* Investing in alternative real estate opportunities

* Investing in private placement opportunities of public companies

* Investing in effective tax investments for which federal and provincial governments provide tax credits or deductions.  

To add, large pension funds and University Endowment Funds include some of the smartest investors in the world. Smart money, institutions and private wealth invests in many different assets that most retail investors have not heard of.

Some may represent risks not suitable for many; and some represent even lower than the average risk, often reserved on a first come basis with repeat business.

Therefore, in order to reduce the overall volatility of your investment portfolio, and to help protect yourself from another major market crash/correction, many choose to have investments that have a low correlation to the stock market.

For example, passive private real estate trusts can be an excellent diversification asset class for any portfolio.

Private Property Index.png

It used to be that having a large portion of bonds in your portfolio was enough, but as you can see from the asset allocation that the large institutions are using - smart money does not believe it will suffice.

Adding alternative investments will help to increase the diversification you have in your portfolio, thereby reducing the chance of taking a major hit in another market crash.

Allow us to provide a second opinion to your portfolio. Perhaps we can add some safety with our guaranteed approaches, and/or add some asset class diversification.

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