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We are business owners.

We have owned businesses in Canada and Asia with dozens of employees.

We understand many of the variables.

As you may know, small Business (aSole Proprietorship, a Holding or Operating Company / Corporation, and Professional Corporations, etc) contributes more than 30% to Canada's Gross Domestic Product.

You work hard and you have taken risks - and you deserve ALL the tax advantages that are available to you. 

You deserve to know and understand all possible options, which, if implemented, can make a massive difference to you and your family.

Getting money out of the company for personal use is important. With the right structures, Corporate financial wellness is transferred tax efficiently and becomes personal and family financial wellness.


Did you know that there is a tremendous tax on passive investments held in your corporation (retained earnings)? How have you been affected by the 2018 budget?

Did you know that your corporate Capital Dividend Account includes certain tax-free amounts received by Canadian Controlled Private Corporation's (CCPCs)?

Is your Partner Buy-Sell Agreement aligned with a source of ready & liquid capital for a possible execution of terms should a shareholder / partner become disabled or pass away?

We help business owners save money on taxes by implementing tax efficient Private Health Care Services Plans and Employee Benefit Plans. Ask us how how your approved medical expenses can reduce your taxes.

You and your partners can also utilize wage-loss replacement plans that go beyond traditional employee benefits, and these benefits can be portable.

Do you have a key employee or key person in your organization that is vital to your business? Would there be a significant loss to your business should that person become disabled or pass away? If so, you may have a need to protect such risk.

Do you have company debt? Often neglected, this liability is very important to insure.

We look forward to working with you, your accounting experts, and your legal professionals to ensure corporate risks are addressed alongside an efficient plan to save corporate tax dollars.

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