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June 2024 Financial Insights - Book Promotion 'Financial Blind$pot$'

Hello dear clients and friends,

It has been a while since our last newsletter as the publishing focus was directed to our just launched book ' Financial Blind$pot$'.

As many of you know, it is now available on Amazon as a Hardcover version, a Paperback version, and an eBook.

I had the privilege of co-authoring this book with Mike Baker. Many of you are familiar with him as I have had his profile as a trusted associate on my website for years. He is an exemplary person, professional and we both agree very much on the wholistic and sound approaches we discussed in our book.

Our book website is :

Have a look and you will be able to get the $1.99 eBook Special through the Order Now button until the end of June 24th, 2024.

Many have joined our book army via this link as well:

Thank you all for your support, and do not hesitate to leave us a review or provide any feedback.

With appreciation,


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